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Esperanza Spalding- Chamber Music Society (2010)

Esperanza Spalding - Chamber Music Society (2010)

Track listing
All songs written and composed by Esperanza Spalding, except where noted.
  1. "Little Fly" (lyrics: William Blake, music: Esperanza Spalding) - 3:33
  2. "Knowledge of Good and Evil" - 7:59
  3. "Really Very Small" - 2:44
  4. "Chacarera" (Leo Genovese) - 7:27
  5. "Wild Is the Wind" (Dimitri TiomkinNed Washington) - 5:37
  6. "Apple Blossom" - 6:02
  7. "As a Sprout" - 0:41
  8. "What a Friend" - 4:54
  9. "Winter Sun" - 6:48
  10. "Inútil Paisagem" (lyrics: Aloysio De Oliveria, music: Antonio Carlos Jobim) - 4:38
  11. "Short and Sweet" - 5:52

  • Esperanza Spalding - electric bass, acoustic bass, vocals
  • Leo Genovese - piano, electric piano, melodica
  • Terri Lyne Carrington - drums
  • Quintino Cinalli - percussion
  • Entcho Todorov - violin
  • Lois Martin - viola
  • David Eggar - cello
  • Ricardo Vogt - nylon-stringed guitar on "Apple Blossom"
  • Milton Nascimento - guest vocals on "Apple Blossom"
  • Gretchen Parlato - backing vocals on "Inútil Paisagem" and "Knowledge of Good and Evil"
  • Gil Goldstein - co-arranger

terça-feira, 18 de junho de 2013

Tame Impala - EP (2008)

"Kevin Parker (vocals/guitar) and Dominic Simper (bass) formed Tame Impala as 13 year olds in Perth in 1999, sticking to bedroom recordings until 2007, when Jay Watson joined them on drums and backing vocals. Their sound was pure late '60s, but wasn't the sound of any specific band from the era. They were as likely to be channeling the Nazz as the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Cocooned away inside walls of psychedelic fuzz in Western Australia, they re-created their preferred period one song at a time with the aid of gear and production techniques that sounded like they hadn't been dusted off since 1968. Like a lot of the buzz bands of the late 2000s Tame Impala's story involves MySpace. The social networking website rocketed them from a teenage garage band to the sought-after trophy in a multiple-label bidding war. It started when Modular Records sent them a message after hearing several songs on their MySpace page and asked for more. Tame Impala sent them a demo with 20 songs, which led to requests and offers from everyone under the sun. After consideration, they stuck with the label who had shown first interest, and signed with Modular in 2008."
"In September of that year they released their first self-titled EP. There was some confusion among reviewers, several of whom referred to the release as "Antares, Mira, Sun" after the notes written on the artwork, a representation of the Orion Nebula drawn by bandleader and songwriter Kevin Parker. As well as drawing the art, the perfectionist Parker micro-managed the recording, performing every instrument himself. The EP went to number ten on the ARIA charts and number one on the independent label charts. Though Parker played each instrument on the EP, live they functioned as a real band, though at their early gigs they were famously unprepared and never wore shoes. At one such shambolic gig for a Vice Magazine party in Melbourne, indie electro-pop band MGMT's label manager caught their act and was impressed enough to offer them the support slot when his band toured Australia. That year they also supported the Black Keys and You Am I on national tours. In 2010, Tame Impala made their full-length debut with the Dave Fridmann-mixed Innerspeaker. Shortly after the release, Parker returned to his home studio in Perth to begin work on new material, and in 2012, the band followed up with their less guitar-focused sophomore effort, Lonerism."
  1. Desire Be Desire Go
  2. Slide Through My Fingers
  3. Half Full Glass Of Wine
  4. Forty One Mosquitoes Flying In Formation
  5. Skeleton Tiger

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Gary Clark, Jr. - Blak and Blu (2012)

O álbum foi listado na posição # 27 na Rolling Stone 's lista dos 50 melhores álbuns de 2012, dizendo que "solos Clark cérebro fritando de guitarra são mais sobre a nuance de ruído e fraseado do que a velocidade de tentativa nota cuspir". 
Em 2013, Blak e Blu foi indicado para o Prêmio Blues Music na categoria 'Álbum de Blues Contemporâneo ". 

No. Title Length
1. "Ain't Messin 'Round"   4:09
2. "When My Train Pulls In" (Gary Clark, Jr., Gil Scott-Heron, Brian Jackson, Don Robey)"   7:45
3. "Blak and Blu"   4:06
4. "Bright Lights"   5:24
5. "Travis County"   3:38
6. "The Life"   5:05
7. "Glitter Ain't Gold (Jumpin' for Nothin')" (Gary Clark, Jr., Doyle Bramhall II, Justin Stanley, Ali Tamposi, Mike Elizondo)"   4:18
8. "Numb"   5:26
9. "Please Come Home"   4:16
10. "Things Are Changin'"   3:59
11. "Third Stone from the Sun/If You Love Me Like You Say" (Jimi Hendrix, Little Johnny Taylor)"   9:37
12. "You Saved Me"   6:11
13. "Next Door Neighbor Blues"   3:01
Total length: 66:55

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The Black Keys - El Camino (2011)

No.     Title     Length
1.     "Lonely Boy"       3:13
2.     "Dead and Gone"       3:41
3.     "Gold on the Ceiling"       3:44
4.     "Little Black Submarines"       4:11
5.     "Money Maker"       2:57
6.     "Run Right Back"       3:17
7.     "Sister"       3:25
8.     "Hell of a Season"       3:45
9.     "Stop Stop"       3:30
10.     "Nova Baby"       3:27
11.     "Mind Eraser"       3:15

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  Hindi Zahra - Handmade (2010)

No.     Title     Length
1.     "Beautiful Tango"       3:58
2.     "Oursoul"       3:18
3.     "Fascination"       3:39
4.     "Set Me Free"       4:04
5.     "Kiss & Thrills"       3:51
6.     "At the Same Time"       3:23
7.     "Imik Si Mik"       3:53
8.     "Stand Up"       4:40
9.     "Music"       3:49
10.     "Don't Forget"       3:47
11.     "Old Friends"  3:02

* Moroccan-born, Paris-based Hindi Zahra can speak to mountains or whisper in your ear. She can turn rustling plastic bags into Berber beats and Parisian kitchens into soul incubators. Playfully savoring East and West, she writes infectious, unique and ever fresh songs, plays any instrument she can get her hands on, and records her own voice in the middle of the night to capture that perfect spark of intimacy.